Thursday, August 5, 2010

Voice Broadcaster

This voice transmitter is a short range transmitter which has a 15 meters range without an antenna,and this can be increased several times over if an antenna is used.The circuit can accept inputs from music systems,high impedance microphones and any amplifier.

A single AC188 pnp transistor handles modulation.RF amplification and transmission.The 3 volt transformer used to boost the input level and provide higher impedance when a low impedance source is used.The circuit works off a 6 volt battery.

VCR and the position of the MW antenna coil(used in pocket receivers) must be adjusted to obtain the best output from the unit on a receiver tuned to a dead spot on the MW band,placed a few meters away.Batteries should be used in preference to adapters and these would give a considerably long life as the consumption is quite low.
The Schematic Voice Broadcaster

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