Thursday, August 12, 2010

Figure Programmer Circuit Of AVR Atmel Microcontroller

Figure Programmer Circuit Of AVR Atmel MicrocontrollerFigure Programmer Circuit Of AVR Atmel Microcontroller

That said, the diagram of a timer circuit controlled by PC comes down to very little. Indeed, it is mainly the PC side software to generate the proper timing on the line SCK, MISO and MOSI and, of course, a minimum of circuitry for adjusting the level so you can use a standard PC ports.

The scheme of my program boils down to what you can find below. It is intended to be connected to the PC parallel port lines which are easy to fly by the program to generate the necessary timing.

It comprises all in all an integrated circuit IC1, which is a simple 74HC244 or 74HCT244, that is still a buffer for six times to reformat the signals transmitted on the PC printer output before applying the circuit to program in April. It is safe and to have a rectangular shape and signals to avoid any hazard of programming.

This circuit is wired to "amplify" signals SCK, MOSI and RESET the one hand, since these are the PC to the microcontroller, and the only signal MISO, in another sense, since it will the microcontroller to the PC.

Note that a section of IC1 LED driver from the PC which allows to report, by the ignition, the microcontroller is being programmed and it must not touch it! Power to the programmer is supplied directly to the application supporting the microcontroller via the diode D1.


  1. ini bisa dipakai buat biki robot sederhana ga mas?
    soalnya saya nanti ada mata kuliah bikin robot.
    kapan-kapan main ke blog saya ya.

  2. Iyah mas kalau yang diatas di buat untuk otak robot !! lebih kekendali robotnya itu masih memakai PIC kalau sekarang dah banya juga pake micro yg ATMEGAxxxx. klaau buat kontes saya sering nemian yg pake ATMEGAxxxx