Saturday, August 14, 2010

400 Sounds Generator

The circuit a common 556 dual timer, popular TB810 amplifier chip plus the workhorse op amp 741, The result is a universal sound effects generator that can produce up to 400 types of preset sound effects. The circuit works off 12 volt batteries and gives up to 7 watts of solid output.

ICI generate 'base tone' which operates at a lower frequency, produces the modulation  frequency.The various switches (four) allow the modulation. base and selection frequency to be set in predefined steps of four or five.Each switch combination produces a distinct and unique sound.IC3 provides the amplification and further drives the speaker (rated 10 watts in 4 ohm).Switch work as follows.

S1--->Modulation frequency control
S2--->Modulation waveform control
S3--->Base tone frequency control

The IC3 should be well heats inked.Power wiring must be done through a push button or a suitable relay.

The400Sounds Generator-three chips do the wonder

Power supply for the 400 sounds generator

The panel design

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