Monday, August 16, 2010

Servo Light Dimmer

What, the of a dimmer,you may ask ?Well, then a concise answer would be that it:
  • Reduces power consumption(and bills)
  • Increases life of lamps by switching them
  • Allows the same lamp to serve as a ten-watt night lamp or a two hundred watt control illumination lamp.
And this is exactly what this dimmer does.One plus point is that it has a power handling capacity exceeding 1600 watts, far exceeding the ordinary 300 watt types.
Any type of 400 PIV, 8 ampere triac may be used in the circuit VR1 provides illumination control.R2,R3 and C1 set the minimum brightness level which can however be altered.

The LED and R1 are optional,They serve the purpose of pilot monitoring.The triac must be heavily heatsinked to prevent any damage.
A suitable front panel etch-on is shown in figure.The same can either be photocopied or xeroxed on self adhesive panel plates.

The dimmer -an excellent power saver(and bill reducer)
Figure : Front panel etch-on for the dimmer

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