Sunday, November 7, 2010

Windows seven WP7 Tips and Tricks - To associate a Bluetooth device

The appointment today with the Guides and Trucchi for Windows Phone 7 is dedicated to the Bluetooth, and in particular to like associating a cap, an earpiece, an external keyboard or any Bluetooth accessory to I telephone Windows Phone 7. First of all we must ignite the Bluetooth.

* From the shielded Start we slide to sinistra per visualizing the directory of the Applications.

*We slide the list and we touch on the Impostazioni.

* We touch the Bluetooth voice and we change the State on Ignited

* In this Windows moment it is already trying the present Bluetooth devices near I telephone. We make sure therefore that our accessory already is ignited.

* Al term of the search we will see a directory with the several names of the found accessories. We touch therefore what we want to install.

* To this point it could be demanded a PIN in order to associate the two devices. Inserted therefore the present code in the handbook of the accessory or a new one and touched on

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