Monday, November 1, 2010

The Pocket Receiver

Not that there is any paucity of pocket receivers or that they are too expensive,or that there are hardly any well known circuit that we decided to design' another one'. It's not just another one.

The True Pocket Receiver
 No doubt, dozens of models are commercially available but they aren't truly pocket sized (rather pocket oversized ). Not  many,leave alone the corner of a shirt pocket, fit into a normal shirt pocket leaving enough space to even tack a wallet, Well that's the reason we thought of designing a pocket receiver small enough to fit into a shirt pocket or clip on to a belt that is - a pocket receiver in the true sense. And that exactly is what we have here !

How it Works?
 The circuit is given in picture.It uses an 8-pin DIP ZN415 radio receiver chip from Ferranti. The circuit has an edge over the ZN414 in having an in-built amplifier stage. The IC contains a complete AM detector subsystem. The circuit uses a tuned circuit based on L1 and VC1 serves as tuning control.L1 detects the signals and passe them on to IC1, which in turn, drives high impedance headphones. That's all.

The IC thus allows construction of a light weight,low voltage and quality receiver.

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