Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Motorola CommandOne, an earpiece bluetooth in order to write the SMS

To write SMS while guide is it self most dangerous. In some Countries he is also illegal and in passed they have been also of the serious incidents much for distractions of this type. The keyboards touchscreen, much fashionable ones in the smartphone more recent, than certainly of it do not facilitate the writing. Therefore Motorola it has created the earpiece bluetooth Command One.

Thanks to an application available for Android 2,2 and to the MotoSpeak technology, the customer can dictate the SMS to write and to send it without to watch the screen, simply dictating the commandos you premail. From the point of view hardware the earpiece is large 54 x 18,5 x 11 milimeter and hung 12 grams. The battery allows to an autonomy of 5 hours in conversation or 7 days in standby. In 15 minuteren, moreover, the battery is recharged of 50%. The device available for Will have been born them. Price not communicated.

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