Saturday, September 25, 2010

The silicon chips

Most people will have heard of the " silicon chips".There are many such  devices,but the words are usually taken to mean a microprocessor.The heart of any computer is something called a central processing unit (CPU),the microprocessor (MPU) is simply a CPU which has been considerably reduced in size using modern integrated circuit technology. This 'computer on a piece of silicon' is so small,it's probably no bigger than the nail on yours little finger.How the microprocessor function and now how it is 'programmed' is what we are about to investigate.Machine code programming will be discussed-this is the code that the microprocessor actually 'understands'.
Some home computer users program in 'BASIC' but this is only for the users convenience. An interpreter inside the computer converts the basic program into machine code.This slows down program execution hundreds of times and increases the cost of the system.Hence,using machine code programming speeds up operation dramatically and uses less 'firmware'.

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