Monday, March 28, 2011

IR232 Infrared to RS-232 Converter

The Industrologic IR232 is an infrared to RS-232 converter that is based on the 12 bit Sony SIRCS protocol. In addition to being able to send and receive control codes to and from the infrared and RS-232 ports, it can also be configured to send specific character strings to the serial port when selected infrared codes are received. This will allow it to act as a host and controlling device to any slave device that can accept RS-232 commands.

On-board 40 KHZ infrared receiver module and 940nM high-power infrared LED Visible LED to confirm reception of infrared transmissions
EEPROM for storage of configuration information and character strings Multiple modes of operation available-
- Send programmed messages when specified infrared codes are received
- One and two byte binary transmission and reception
Serial port with true RS-232 interface and DB9F connector matching PC compatibles
Selectable baud rates up to 19200 baud
Pin-type power jack for easy connection to wall block power supply
On-board +5 volt power supply with +5 volt output available on DB9 for auxiliary devices
Includes all items needed for immediate use: Wall block power supply, RS-232 cable for connection to PC compatibles during setup, and terminal emulation software for PC compatibles.

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