Sunday, December 26, 2010

10W Audio Amplifier circuit based on TDA1910

Simple and cheap, that's the advantage of this circuit. Although the output power is not high but audio quality is good, because TDA1910 has a very low noise feature. This circuit suitable for use as a student project.

About TDA1910:
The TDA1910 is a monolithic integrated circuit in MULTIWATT® package, intended for use in Hi-Fi audio power applications, as high quality TV sets.
The TDA 1910 meets the DIN 45500 (d = 0.5%) guaranteed output power of 10W when used at 24V/4W. At 24V/8W the output power is 7W min.
TDA1910 Features:
  • muting facility
  • protection against chip over temperature
  • very low noise
  • high supply voltage rejection
  • low “switch-on” noise.

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