Sunday, July 18, 2010

Creating Minimum System Atmega8535

 What is the minimum system?
 The minimum system is a series of at least where the microcontroller chip can work. Atmega8535 microcontroller has dilengapi with internal oscillator, so no crystal or resonator is required external to the CPU clock source. However, this oscillator maximum 8Mhz so I suggest to keep using an external crystal.Internal oscillator by the manufacturer gives a chance 1 MHz, and to change it we need to change the settings of Fuse bits, for setting fuse bits need to be careful, because this setting is so vulnerable because if the wrong setting microcontroller can cause damage, I had corrupted a microcontroller.

Minimum System AVR is very simple where only connect AVCC to VCC and +5 V and GND and AGND to the ground and reset pin is not connected to anything . Chip will be reset if the voltage is zero or RST pins are forced to zero. This is the minimum system without using a crystal. For those who wear the above plus a series of crystal-crystal on pins XTAL1 and XTAL2.The following minimum system which uses a crystal (I recommend making the use of crystals)
Combination the above are the minimum system used to control the LEDs.The above circuit can use the live trace deeptrace, eagle, proteus, or other programs that you mastered. For those who are lazy to download the trace made by me, which I pake softrware deeptrace 2009, please download here
downloadernya can use a downloader that my previous post
 display the following minimum system in deeptrace
 For the prgram and the way I described in my program filling the next posting.


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